alt-LGTM 👍

alt-LGTM 👍
Photo by NASA / Unsplash

Recently a colleague metioned they thought LGMT stood for Let's Get This Merged and I'd always thought it meant Looks Good To Me.

This amused me so I asked ChatGPT for some additional examples and there's some real gems in here:

Leverage Global Talent More
Love Grows Through Music
Light Guides The Mind
Logistics Govern The Marketplace
Learning Gives Tremendous Motivation
Lose Grudges, Trust More
Leadership Guides Team Morale
Laugh, Giggle, Tease, Mock
Limit Greed, Teach Moderation
Link Generations Through Memories
Liberate Goals Through Manifestation
Landscapes Glowing, Twilight Mesmerizes
Logic Guides Thoughtful Minds
Lions Grapple Their Meals
Love Graciously, Trust Madly
Largely Generate Tangible Milestones
Learn, Grow, Thrive, Motivate
Lead Graciously Towards Mercy
Leverage Goodness, Transform Malice
Limitless Growth Transforms Mankind
Listen Gently To Melodies
Lift Grains, Ton Muscle
Lanterns Glow Through Mist
Let's Gather The Members
Loyalty Guarantees Trustworthiness, Mate
Leveraging Genetic Traits Methodically
Lunar Glow Tames Madness
Loyal Guards To Monarchs
Lakes Glisten, Trees Murmur
Look, Grasp, Tread Mindfully
Longing Gravitates Toward Memories
Locate Golden Treasure Maps
Legends Grow Through Millennia
Laughing Gulls Tease Mornings
Launch Great Technological Marvels
Let's Gather These Mushrooms
Loving Gestures Touch Many
Look Good, Think Modern
Limitless Grace Triumphs Malice
Lost Ghosts Trail Memories
Learning Grace Through Mistakes
Listen, Grasp, Think, Meditate
Long Goodbyes Tearfully Muttered
Levitate, Glide, Twirl, Mesmerize
Legacies Garner Timeless Marvels
Lights Glitter, Twilight Manifests
Leafy Groves Teem Magic
Lively Gardens Tease Memories
Leap Greatly, Touch Moon
Let's Gather To Meditate